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Thank you for your interest in our products. Gail Redman Woodturning has been established in San Francisco since 1977.  Our company has consistenly provided high quality  turnings to homeowners, contractors, and furniture makes in Bay Area.  These products are now available everywhere by mail order.

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All of our turnings, no  matter how large or small the order, are done by hand. Turning by hand, especially of softwoods, produces a much crisper, cleaner product than  automatic turning. We will produce any turning design from an orginal sample, line drawing, photograph, or another catalogue. Standard dimensions of any design in our catalogue can be altered to suit your needs

The wood species that is typically used is Canadian western red cedar. It is clear, all heart, and dry. It has comparable decay and pest resistance to first-growth redwood at lower cost. Turnings are also available in redwood, fir, poplar, oak and other hardwoods.


All turned products should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location prior to installation. If they are being installed outdoors, they should never be allowed to sit in the sun before they are primed. Exterior turnings should be primed on all sides before installation, including the ends after they have been cut to fit.  It is suggested that the first coat of primer be a stain resistant primer to lock in tannins if the turnings are of redwood or cedar. Finials or newel tops should be primed two or more times on the exposed end grain to protect against checking. Pilot holes should be drilled before nailing or screwing the turnings into place to protect against splitting.